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Access to and use of this Website (hereinafter pharmaplus.gr) and the services and products made available thereon (hereinafter the "Services") are subject to the terms and conditions (hereinafter "Terms of Use") listed below. To use the provided Services, users are required to agree with all the Terms of Use of pharmaplus.gr, as these apply at the time. To this end, users are advised to check this Website regularly in order to become aware of any changes to the Terms of Use. The use of pharmaplus.gr by the user who has become aware of the applicable Terms of Use means that the user accepts them. If you disagree with the Terms of Use, you are requested to not use pharmaplus.gr.

Access to pharmaplus.gr is permitted throughout its operation, but the Company reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the provision of Services, without prior notice. The Company is not liable for any failure for any reason to access the Services, in whole or in part.

The Company shall make every possible effort to ensure that the content of pharmaplus.gr contains complete, accurate, clear, valid, useful, current, true and non-misleading information. In any case, the Company is not liable for, nor is it in any way under obligation to or makes any warranty with regard to the security and the content. Users of pharmaplus.gr accept that the Company may fail to control its entire content and Services. In addition, the Company makes no warranty that the use by its users of information, data or materials contained in the content of pharmaplus.gr will not infringe upon the rights of third persons.

Every user may use pharmaplus.gr entirely at his/her own risk; its content does not offer advice or encourage any act or action directly or indirectly, nor can it ever be construed as such. It is at each user’s discretion to assess it and he/she takes the risk for using any part of it.

Users are notified that pharmaplus.gr contains "links" (hyperlinks or banners) to other websites which the Company does not manage and has no control over the services they provide or the privacy policies they apply. The use of these links is subject exclusively to their own terms of use, which users are requested to be aware of. The Website pharmaplus.gr is not liable for any loss or damage that users may suffer from using them. Users may use these links at their own risk.

Users of pharmaplus.gr who are minors are not allowed access to those Services of pharmaplus.gr that might be considered inappropriate for minors and which pharmaplus.gr cannot control. If nevertheless minor users visit at their own discretion websites that contain inappropriate / offensive / immoral content which pharmaplus.gr cannot always control, the Company cannot be held liable.

Users are exclusively responsible for owning and maintaining phone connections, computers and equipment in general that is necessary for the use of the Services of pharmaplus.gr and also for bearing the operating costs of such equipment.

Users with health issues are required to get medical advice prior to the intake of any product featured on this Website. The Company uses data regarding the directions of use and ingredients of the products based on the information that the respective companies have provided and does not interfere to alter them in any manner.

The Company cannot be held liable in the event of irrational use / administration of any product, which may cause or undermine the user’s health issue.


Intellectual property rights are owned without formality and without the requirement of any clause prohibiting their infringement. The pharmaplus.gr Website and its content (inclusive of all trademarks, distinctive marks, patents, corporate names, copy, images, graphics, designs, photos, programs, information materials of any form, data, software) is the intellectual and industrial property of the Company and is protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek, EU and international laws.

Note that, pursuant to Greek Law No. 2121/1993 (as amended and currently in force), the International Bern Convention (ratified by Law No. 100/1975) and the relevant provisions on copyright protection on the Internet, it is expressly prohibited to copy, alter, interfere with, transmit, distribute, resell, lease, re-post, reproduce, broadcast in soft or hardcopy, save, print, create a derivative work, download by anyone or mislead the audience as to the true holder of the content in any manner.

The content of pharmaplus.gr does not constitute in any event nor shall it be construed as the express or implicit permission or assignment of right to use any Trademark featuring therein without the written permission of the Company or of third parties that may be the proprietors of Trademarks featuring therein. Trademarks, logos, distinctive marks featuring on pharmaplus.gr and the display of people or places or things that form part of its content are the property of the Company or third parties. It is strictly prohibited to use them without the prior written permission of the Company, unless otherwise specified in the current Terms of Use.

Products, services, corporate names, trademarks or distinctive marks of third parties that are featured on pharmaplus.gr are the intellectual and industrial property of these third parties, who are accordingly liable.

Information disclosed to the Company via pharmaplus.gr is not considered confidential and is not the property of the user. Anything that can be transmitted or broadcast or sent via pharmaplus.gr, if such thing is possible, is the property of the Company. The Company may collect limited information for its commercial operations.


Given the global nature and the volume of the Internet, the Company, or its executives, or its managers or its staff or its partners or any of its representatives cannot be held liable for any direct, subsequent, incidental, indirect or consequential loss that may incur from accessing or using pharmaplus.gr, including cases of associated negligence. Users are requested to use antivirus software and malicious software protection programs.

The Company is not liable for any losses and costs that may incur from the use of or the failure to use pharmaplus.gr by any person, or from any functionality failure, error, omission, suspension, defect, operation or broadcast delay or system line failure. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage or viral infection of the computer or any other electronic means used by the user to access / visit / use or download any material, data, copy, image, video or audio from its content.

The Services available via the Website are provided to users of the electronic shop “as is”. The Company makes no warranty that the content of pharmaplus.gr and the quality of the Services provided will meet the demands and expectations of users. The Company is not liable for any or civil or penal legal claims with regard to the functionality or the use of pharmaplus.gr, nor for any kind of damage incurred either by visitors to the Website or by third parties.

The Company is not liable nor is it under any obligation to compensate any claim in relation to the content of pharmaplus.gr, or for any fault, defamation or libel, insult, offense, omission, lie, profanity, pornography, blasphemy, danger or inaccuracy in its content.


To register for the Services of pharmaplus.gr when and where this is required, the user agrees:

a.            To provide true, accurate, valid and complete information when filling in the relevant forms of pharmaplus.gr with the data required to access its content/Services, and

b.            To maintain and update with diligence these registration data so that they remain true, accurate, valid, current and complete.

Once the user has completed the registration process set by pharmaplus.gr, he/she will receive confirmation of a password and user name that he/she has selected. Users are held exclusively liable for all acts performed under their password, their username and their user account in general, and they are exclusively liable for the proper use of their account, while the Company cannot be held liable for any damage or loss that may incur from the failure of users to respect and adhere to these Terms. Users agree to notify the Company immediately of any unauthorised use of their accounts and of any security violation committed and/or potential.


The use of the Services of pharmaplus.gr is subject to the condition that users agree to the rules of conduct listed below:

a.            The user is exclusively responsible for all and any content he/she may upload, post, send, transmit or make available otherwise via the Services of pharmaplus.gr. Exclusively responsible for all information, data, copy, graphics, photos, images, music files, videos, messages and all content, whether uploaded publicly or transmitted privately, is the natural or legal person that is the source of this content. The Company cannot control the entirety of the content uploaded by its users on the Services of pharmaplus.gr, on account of its volume, and therefore makes no warranty for the accuracy, integrity, legality or quality of such content.

b.            The user understands and accepts that pharmaplus.gr does not check in advance the content uploaded, nevertheless pharmaplus.gr and its competent partners reserve the right, without being under obligation, to choose exclusively to refuse to upload/post or transmit or delete any content provided via the pharmaplus.gr Services. In addition, the Company and its competent partners reserve the right to delete any content that is uploaded on pharmaplus.gr and infringes upon these Terms of Use.

c.             The user understands and accepts that he/she shall assess and be held liable for any risks that may be entailed by use of any content, inclusive of his/her decision to rely on the correctness, completeness and/or usefulness of any content. In particular, the user understands and accepts that he/she may not rely on the content of the information uploaded on pharmaplus.gr, inclusive of the information available on pharmaplus.gr.

d.            The user undertakes to adhere strictly to the applicable laws on the transmission of data from Greece and Europe to third countries.

e.            The user understands and accepts that by using the pharmaplus.gr Services he/she may be exposed to offensive, immoral or illegal content. The pharmaplus.gr Website can in no event be held liable for any error or omission in any content or for any damage or loss that may incur from the use of any content that is uploaded, sent, transmitted or otherwise made available by users on the pharmaplus.gr Services. In the event that pharmaplus.gr is notified of any content that causes damage to a third party, it reserves the right to delete this content immediately and also to suspend the account of the user that infringes upon these Terms.

f.             Should online chatting be made available via pharmaplus.gr, then the Code of Conduct for Internet Users (NETIQUETTE) is to be adhered and users are prohibited from adopting unfair practices.

g.            In the event that users do not adhere to these Terms of Use and the applicable laws, the Company reserves the right to take every necessary measure, such as to deny access to the Services provided, in whole or in part, as well as to delete, remove, and process messages.

h.            While using the Services of pharmaplus.gr, it is not permitted:

To upload, post, send, transmit or use any other method to install content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, damaging, defamatory, vulgar, violent, abusive, racist or otherwise objectionable, that violates the personality and personal data of others, that causes feelings of hatred and/or any criminal offence or harms minors in any way.

To upload, post, send, transmit or use any other method to install unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or other promotional content, to send spam emails unwanted and unbidden by the user and any other form of unwanted content. Nor to harass in any manner the privacy and the individual or social rights of other users (such as to collect and/or save the personal data of other users/members).

To make a false statement as to the identity of the user/member or a misleading statement about the relationship and/or association of the user/member with another legal or natural person, and also to forge the credentials of users with the aim to mislead as to the origin of content transmitted via the Services of pharmaplus.gr.

To upload, post, send, transmit or use any other method to install content by a person that does not have the right to provide this content by law or on the basis of a confidential relationship, as well as to upload, post, send, transmit or use any other method to install software or content in any form (copy, image, audio, video, animation) that infringes upon any intellectual and industrial property rights of any holder.

To upload, post, send, transmit or use any other method to install and/or promote and/or make available content that carries digital viruses or any other electronic code, files or programs designed to interfere with, destroy or compromise the functionality of any computer or telecom equipment software or hardware.

To interfere with or disrupt the services or servers or networks connected to the Services of pharmaplus.gr or to breach the conditions, procedures and terms of use of these networks. To violate any national, European, international laws pertaining and/or applicable to any Service of pharmaplus.gr.

The user of pharmaplus.gr understands and accepts that he/she is exclusively liable to compensate the Company and its partners for any legal dispute that may arise between him/her and third parties on account of the content that he/she makes available for uploading, posting or other transmission via the Services of pharmaplus.gr.


The Company is not liable for the user’s contact with third service providers advertised on pharmaplus.gr, or for any commercial transaction that may arise out of the relationship thereof. The Company is not liable for the personal data protection policy that the aforementioned third service providers apply in their transactions with the users of these services.

The user who wishes to be advertised on pharmaplus.gr must request and receive express consent from the Company to acquire all the necessary information to this end. The users of pharmaplus.gr are prohibited from using the Services of pharmaplus.gr to solicit customers for the use of other services without the prior special consent of the Company.

The user who uses the Services of pharmaplus.gr to upload and/or post  information, data, copy, graphics, photos, images, music files, videos, messages authorises the Company to use the space where this content is uploaded for advertising purposes for the time that this content is part of the Services of pharmaplus.gr. In addition, the user who uploads and/or posts  information, data, copy, graphics, photos, images, music files, videos, messages consents to the uploading and/or posting of advertisements by pharmaplus.gr on relevant pages/services.


These terms and conditions as well as every amendment thereto are governed by and construed in accordance with the Greek Law. Should a provision be considered void or voidable, then that provision shall cease to apply automatically, without this invalidating the remaining provisions. The courts of Athens will have jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of the use of pharmaplus.gr.



We offer you four ways to buy online on pharmaplus.gr:

a.            Create an account so that you will not have to fill in your details every time you shop on pharmaplus.gr.

b.            Fill in those details required for the payment and delivery of your order, without creating an account.

c.             Sign in with Facebook.

d.            Call +30 2106691888.

Clicking the button to check out entails your obligation to pay.  Very shortly, you will receive an automated message at the email address you have provided us, specifying the Order No. and payment method. It will also list the contact details, the delivery details, the products and their descriptions, the number of items as well as the initial and final prices.

You can pay for your order in the methods listed below:

a.            Cash on Delivery

Products are delivered by courier service and you pay the price with cash upon delivery. There is an extra charge of €1.50, regardless of the delivery address.

b.            Credit Card

We accept the cards listed below:

i.              Visa and MasterCard credit cards by all banks

ii.             Visa debit cards by all banks

iii.            Maestro debit cards

iv.           Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards by all banks

To make sure online transactions by credit card are completely secure, we carry them out using the security system of Piraeus Bank, which is based on the global certification authority for SSL encryption transactions with a 2048-bit key supporting a safe transaction environment.

For orders delivered to Cyprus and other EU countries, these are the payment methods:

i.              Cash on Delivery (only for Cyprus and with €3 extra charge)

ii.             Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro


Once your order is ready to dispatch, you will receive an email notifying you that the courier company is ready to receive it. Thereafter, you will be able to track your order at any time by entering the Dispatch No. of your order on www.taxydromiki.gr/Tracktrace.aspx. If you are at a destination that is difficult to access, prior to delivering your order the courier company will contact you by phone or SMS text with its exact date of delivery.


Delivery Method

Products are dispatched exclusively via “Geniki Taxydromiki SA” courier service.

The Company does not deliver products to post office boxes and does not deliver products to minors or persons under guardianship without the written consent of their parents or guardians.

In the event the purchase has been carried out by credit card, to protect the cardholder, products are delivered solely to the customer, who must receive his/her order in person presenting his/her genuine ID card or passport and credit card. Delivery to a third party can be carried out only if he/she holds a written authorisation, while the proxy must present the aforementioned documents at the time of delivery, in order to complete the order.

Deliveries are made Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:30. Deliveries are also made to Cyprus, as well as other European countries.

For further information and/or queries about ordering and delivery methods, please, contact as on +30 210 6691888 or at infopp@pharmaplus.gr.

Delivery Rates

For orders over €39, delivery is free of charge throughout Greece.

For orders up to €39, the delivery rate is €2.50 throughout Greece. For Cyprus, Bulgaria and Germany, the delivery rate stands at €14.00 per package weighing up to 2kg. For every extra kg delivery rates go up by €3.00.


Delivery Times

In Attica products in stock are delivered within 1-2 working days.

In the rest of Greece products in stock are delivered within 3-4 working days.

Products that are not in stock are delivered within 4 weeks at the latest.

The Company undertakes to replace any product that is not delivered in perfect condition.

Order Delays

In the event of any delay to your order, we will notify you either by phone or in writing by email. If you wish to contact the Customer Service department on working days and hours, you may call ον +30 210 6691888 so that we can inform you of the exact time of delivery.

Potential delays to your order may be due to:

a.            Force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes)

b.            Liability of the supplier (e.g. product recall, stock unavailability, delivery delay)


The Company makes no warranty as to the quality or fitness for a particular purpose of the products for sale, or as to the safety and protection of the users of these products. Such warranties are made solely by the manufacturers and the customer should be notified thereof from the packaging of the products.



Prices include 23%, 13% and 6.50% VAT by type of product. Upon checkout and also while navigating pharmaplus.gr, the user can find in detail the initial and final prices of the products and the delivery rates. The Company reserves the right to change prices at any time, in any event, however, upon receipt of the product the customer will pay the price displayed at the time the order was placed.

The prices of the e-shop might vary from the prices at the natural point of sale. In this event the Company cannot be held liable and does not cover the discrepancy in price of products bought from the natural point of sale and then discovered to be offered at a lower price on the e-shop or vice versa.

Loyalty Card

PharmaPLUS offers the +plus card loyalty card that rewards shopping with free products and discounts using a point-earning system. The +plus card is not a credit card, it does not expire, nor has it use-by dates to earn or spend points. It is a card that rewards shopping on our e-shop.

The user can get the loyalty card either from a pharmacy in the network of our Company or with his/her first online purchase provided he/she has registered with our e-shop.

The user earns points on the +plus card with every purchase he/she makes (except for baby milks and Pampers). More specifically, for every €1 he/she spends, he/she earns 3 points (€1 = 3 points).

Every time the user performs a transaction on pharmaplus.gr having signed in with his/her login details, the points he/she earns by shopping are calculated automatically and stored on the unique number of his/her +plus card.

The invoice features the points that the user earns with his/her current shopping, as well as the sum of points that remain.

Once the user has earned 1,500 points, he/she gets automatically a €20 gift to spend on our e-shop. Alternatively, the user may spend points earlier, e.g. once he/she has earned 800 points, the user can spend €10 on his/her next purchase.

Gift Vouchers

The user may buy gift vouchers of €20, €30 and €50. These amounts include VAT. Gift vouchers may be bought only on pharmaplus.gr and may be used only for shopping on pharmaplus.gr. In the event that shopping exceeds the amount of the gift voucher, then the amount of the gift voucher is subtracted and the user pays for the balance.

Discount Coupons

Discount coupons of €5 and €10 including VAT will have expiry dates, will be offered free of charge to users and will pertain only to shopping on pharmaplus.gr. These coupons will regard either a discount on the total amount or a discount on specific products.


To better secure your transactions, we process online payments using the security system of Piraeus Bank (Piraues PayCenter). This security system transacts and performs every payment in complete communication safety (SSL 128-bit). In addition, to prevent fraudulent / malicious transactions, there is an online Fraud Detection & Prevention system in place to safeguard receipts via our e-shop. Furthermore, all receipts are also secured with Verified-by-Visa and MasterCard SecureCode (3D Secure) cardholder authentication services, which minimise challenges by our customers.



The Company makes every reasonable effort to protect the personal data of its users by taking severe security measures. Users are nevertheless informed that sending confidential information by email is not the most secure option, because there is a risk that third, unauthorised parties may read this information.

The Company manages the personal data of its users in compliance with the Greek, EU and international laws on the protection of personal data. These Terms may be modified; therefore, the users of this Website are requested to check them regularly.

In the event that users of this Website voluntarily disclose their personal data (e.g. name, address, phone number or email address), the Company may gather them in a File and control them for the relevant purpose.

The holder and controller of the personal data gathered and kept in file for the aforementioned purpose is PharmaPLUS, whose registered offices are in Paiania, Agias Marinas St, Post Code 19002.

The purpose of such control is to send information material for advertising purposes with the consent of data subjects and to increase Company awareness. Sole recipient of such personal non-sensitive data is the Company. Any contact with the Website administrator is effected by email at infopp@pharmaplus.gr.

In the event that the user has ticked the relevant field and has consented to the receipt of information and promotional material for advertising purposes, the Company reserves the right to disclose, with the prior notification of the user, his/her personal data to third parties to promote the products they provide and to companies that perform market research or other similar operations.


The users who have disclosed their personal data to the Company have the following rights:

The right to access the data that the Company holds relating to them.

The right to be notified of:

a.            All personal data relating to them as well as of their source;

b.            The purposes of processing, their recipients or the categories of recipient;

c.             The status of processing since they were last updated or notified;

d.            The method of automatic processing;

e.            The correction, deletion or locking, whichever is applicable, of the personal data whose processing does not conform to the provisions of Law No. 2472/1997.

The right to object to the processing of the data relating to them.

The right to interim judicial protection.

The consent of the subjects to the collection and processing of their personal – non-sensitive – data can be revoked at any time, without retrospective effect. The Company meets all its obligations under Law No. 2472/1997. The user has the right to request at any time to suspend the dispatch of information material.

The right to object must be exercised in writing and addressed to the controller and must contain a request for a specific action, such as to correct, provisionally suspend use of, lock, not pass on or delete their personal data. To exercise this right the user may send an email at infopp@pharmaplus.gr.

If the user voluntarily discloses his/her personal data to third parties directly via the Website, it is at the user’s discretion to peruse the terms pertaining to the protection of his/her personal data, if so he/she wishes. By disclosing his/her personal data to third parties, including via this Website, the user accepts that the Company is not liable for any use made by these third parties. In the event that a third party-user discloses the personal data of another person via this Website without their prior consent, the Company cannot be held liable given that the current technological data do not enable it to identify the person who commits the disclosure. The user of this Website warrants that the personal data he/she discloses to the Company are true and authentic as well as that he/she has the right to disclose them.

The Company grants the users the right to delete their personal data, to correct and/or update their personal data and/or to deactivate their registration at any time by simply visiting the relevant service of this Website.


The Company collects personal data:

a.            When the user registers for its Services;

b.            When the user makes use of its products and/or Services;

c.             When the user visits its web pages and/or enters its promotional/advertising campaigns, and;

d.            When the user obtains the +plus card loyalty card.

The Website uses the personal data of users for four general purposes:

a.            To inform its customers/users and to select which content to provide them, so that it is relevant to their general preferences, as well as to collect points on their +plus card loyalty card.

b.            To meet the demands of its customers/users with regard to the services and products available on the Website.

c.             To notify them of new offers on products and services.

d.            To improve the use of the services and content provided (user experience – buying experience) on the Website.


The Company is bound to not sell, lease or publish and/or pass on in any manner the personal data of the Website users to any third party. The Company may pass on the personal data of its users to third legal or natural persons only if (not all conditions apply concurrently):

a.            It has the users’ express consent for the dissemination of personal data.

b.            The dissemination of personal data to legal and/or natural persons that work with the Company is necessary to materialise the wishes and/or orders of the users. The legal and natural persons working with the Company reserve the right to process the personal data that the Website users disclose thereto only to the degree that is absolutely necessary to support the Company.

c.             This is required due to conformance to the pertinent provisions of law and only to the competent authorities.


The IP address from which your computer accesses the Internet and then the Website is retained for technical purposes and is used exclusively for the collection of statistical data.


Cookies are tiny files sent to the user when he/she visits a website by means of a computer, mobile phone or other electronic device, and they identify this device in future visits. These files perform various functions. Among other things, they keep track of the preferences and choices of the user, they help improve the services and content provided on the website and they enable the personalisation of online adverts and special offers to each user. Cookies fall into four categories, each one of these is summarised below:

Essential Cookies

These files are necessary to enable the website to provide services that the user demands, such as to remember the products that he/she has added to his/her shopping basket.

Performance Cookies

These cookies collect information anonymously about how each user uses the website. These data are collected along with data from other users and help improve the functionality of the website. For example, these cookies help us understand how customers find, browse and use our Website and point out where there is room for improvement, such as in navigation, shopping experience and advertising campaigns. The data that these cookies collect do not include personal information that could identify the user.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies retain the user’s choices, such as language or search settings, such as product size, colour or line. This information enables the user to enjoy an experience on our Website that is more in line with his/her choices, and helps us make his/her visits more pleasant. This information is also collected along with information from other users into an anonymous database with the aim to help optimise the functionality of the Website.

Targeting Cookies and Advertising Cookies

These cookies collect information about browsing behaviour with the aim to create adverts relevant to the user’s interests. They retain the web pages that the user has viewed and the information that he/she has shared with third parties, such as adverts.

The user may change the settings of his/her browser to block the storage of cookies on his/her computer without his/her express consent. The section “Help” of his/her browser usually details how one can manage their cookies settings.


As the seller, the Company is liable for actual defects and shortcomings in the agreed properties of products for sale pursuant to articles 534 et seq. of the Hellenic Civil Code. In particular, it is liable if the product for sale does not correspond to the description provided, if it is not fit for the purpose of this contract or for the use normally intended for items in the same category or if it does not have the quality of performance the buyer reasonably expects of items in the same category. In these events you have the right at your discretion:

a.            To demand that the product be corrected or replaced by another free of charge, unless such action is unfeasible or incurs disproportionate costs;

b.            To lower the price, or

c.             To withdraw from this contract unless the defect is inconsequential.

You also have the right to return the products you have purchased from this e-shop charging the Company, if the Company is liable for selling wrong products (error in receiving the order, pricing, delivery etc.) or for poor quality products (destroyed during dispatch, poor packaging, etc.). In this event, you may either refuse to receive the product in the first place or request its return.

You also have the right to withdraw from this contract of sale, i.e. to return the products you have purchased and to request a refund of their value, within 14 calendar days, without specifying any reason. In this event, the Company will not bear the delivery costs.

You may withdraw from the contract by filling in the withdrawal form at the bottom of the home page. Please email us the form at orderspp@pharmaplus.gr.

The right to withdraw expires in 14 calendar days from the day after the day on which you or your designated third party other than the carrier have acquired the physical ownership of the goods; or in the case of an order that includes many items that are delivered separately, of the last item; or in the case of delivering a good that consists of many batches or many items, of the last batch or last item; or in the case of a contract for regular supply of goods over a specific period of time, of the first good.

To exercise your right to withdraw, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from this contract with a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or email). The contact details of our Company are: Pharma PLUS SA, Agias Marinas St, PO Box 59, Post Code 19002, Paiania, Attica, +30 210 6691888.

You may use the template for withdrawal form attached, without this being mandatory. You may also use our Website pharmaplus.gr to fill in and submit online the withdrawal form or any other clear statement. If you exercise this option, we will send you at your email without delay a confirmation upon receipt of your withdrawal.

To comply with the time limit of withdrawal, you need only to send your statement exercising your right to withdraw before the deadline for withdrawal expires.

For reasons of hygiene and health, withdrawals of products whose sealed package has been tampered with after they have been delivered are not accepted.

In any event, products that are returned must be in the condition they were dispatched from the Company and received by you, complete and without damage. Their packaging must be that that normally comes with the product in perfect condition (without labels removed) and with all dispatch documents (e.g. Dispatch Note, Invoice etc.).

Consequences of Withdrawal

If you withdraw from this contract, we will refund you all the money we have received from you, including the delivery costs (with the exception of additional costs due to your choice to use a delivery method other than the standard cheapest delivery method we provide), without undue delay and in all events within 14 calendar days from the day we are notified of your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will refund you using the same payment method you used in the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any case, such refund incurs no cost for you.

Note that, if you withdraw from this contract, you are under obligation to return the products to Geniki Taxydromiki courier service without undue delay and in all events within 14 calendar days of the day you declared to the Company your decision to withdraw bearing the direct cost for returning the goods. You are also responsible for any depreciation in value of the returned products that is the result of handling the goods in a manner other than what is necessary to ascertain the nature, features and functionality of the goods.




Template for Withdrawal Form

(only fill in and send back this form if you want to withdraw from the contract)

– To [corporate name, address, fax and email]:

Please be informed that I/we(*) would like to withdraw from the contract of sale for the goods (*) / services (*) listed below

– Ordered on (*) / received on (*)

– Name of consumer/s

– Address of consumer/s

– Signature of consumer/s (only needed if this form is sent in hard copy)

– Date


 (*) Cross out whatever does not apply.

WARNING: The sale of medicinal products online is prohibited by la